Need expert level help managing your startup’s finances but not yet ready for a full time VP or Director of Finance?

Over the years I have helped companies grow from from pre-product to hundreds of customers, zero to 160 employees and supported over a dozen successful raises totalling to more than $100 million.

Along the way I have learned the ins and outs of growing a tech business and know which of those early stage mistakes to avoid.

I love helping great companies to grow to their potential by leveraging financial management.

Financial Modeling
Create, maintain and interpret your financial model so that you can easily understand the impact of decisions and how much runway you have left.

Fundraising Support
Develop investor pitch presentations and financial model in Excel. Prepare investor requests and due diligence support.

Business Planning
Develop annual plans to meets your business’ goals. End of month reporting, cash forecasting, budgeting. Develop projections for Profit & Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet statements.

Metrics & Analytics
Create and maintain business specific metrics.

Board Meetings
Help prepare board presentations and board requests.