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Hi. I'm Katie.

I help early stage companies with startup finance and everything related to VCs.

I've helped build companies from zero to 160 people, raise $200 million from angels and VCs and manage all areas of finance in the process.

Are you building an awesome startup but:

  • don’t know what should go in the pitch deck for investors

  • not sure how to create a simple and useful financial model

  • not sure what VC’s really want?

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“I really enjoyed working with Katie. She was instrumental in pulling together all of the pieces [for the pitch deck]. I would not only refer her, I would definitely work with her again.”
— Cristina Cannon, Founder Southern Connection

Places where you can find stuff I have written.

Startup finance is very different. You want to focus on cash, runway, metrics that really matter and a bunch of other stuff that no one tells you about.

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You'll learn about managing cash, venture debt, raising money, equity and a other stuff you need to prepare for a successful raise.


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